Ad hoc solutions for every kind of requirement

Granulation, recycling and compounding plants can be supplied either with forced feeder systems - for materials having apparent density between 0.05 kg/dm³ and 0.30 kg/dm³ -, or with volumetric and/or gravimetric dosing systems for materials with higher density. For products with very low apparent density, between 0.030 kg/dm³ and 0.08 kg/dm³ -such as yarns, foam products, nonwoven fabrics, etc.-, special feeding / compacting systems with high productivity are employed. They are equipped with independent cooling device.

According to the type of thermoplastic material treated, different systems can be used for the production of pellet for the following functions:

  • Water die face pelletizer, by full immersion (under water) or with external distribution ring (water ring)
  • Spaghetti system (strand pelletizer) with cooling tank and cutter with blades in line.