The Company Binova, even though only recently established, boasts an over thirty-year long experience and knowhow, acquired by its technical staff in the field of plastic materials, and decided to place itself directly on the market, by designing and manufacturing plants for washing, recycling, compounding and extrusion of thermoplastic materials.

Well established and continuous success.

The professionality of the operating and managerial staff, the exclusive cooperation with Suppliers - with whom the Company has established a sound policy based on integration and development for the application of new technologies - and the solidly supportive relationship with Customers, allow Binova to play an innovative role among plants manufacturers in this field.

Engineering and Future: Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution.
Industry 4.0 refers to the current trend of industrial automation that integrates new production technologies aimed at improving the working conditions and increasing the productivity and the quality of the plants.

How can we obtain the total process control?

Complete process control by application software developed on PLC platform and on Operator Panel, for the following functions:

  • line configuration control (all the activities
    will be performed from the Operator Panel, removing most of the selectors, buttons
    and lamps)
  • speed and synchronism control
  • alarms control
  • technological parameters
  • working parameters
  • remote control

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